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Kyros weeps that he will be always remembered as a murderer. Howevever King Riku consoles him saying that humans are always remembered for the legacy they leave behind. Riku says that Kyros is still young and can change his ways. Riku tells Kyros that when he was young, he was arrogant as he was a royal prince. However, during a battle, he saw soldiers sying to protect the ones they love and he understood that all humans are equal. He henceforward behaved well and courteously to one and all and thus he is still remembered as a good king. Likewise, Kyros can also change his ways.

Kyros does and is adopted as Riku's son. He leads the Peace Force of Dressroa and metts and falls in love with Scarlett. They get a daughter named Rebecca. However one day, Kyros overhears Monet talking to Doflamingo via Den- Den Mushi about their plans to overthrow Riku. He tries to inform King Riku, however he has to go through Monet first. He defeats her, but falls under Sugar's trap and is turned into a toy. Due to this Riku doesn't believe him. 

When the invasion happens, Kyros rushes to Scarlett's side (Scarlett no longer lives in the palace as Kyros is forgotten) and is unable to save Scarlett but saves his daughter instead)

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