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Chapter 742 Predictoons!

Hey guys sorry my last prediction was not that good but I hope this one is better:

Usopp's face scares Sugar out of consciousness. This transforms every toy back to human. As the soldiers close in on Luffy, Viola and Kyros, Kyros transforms back. Viola suddenly remembers him and asks him where he's been. He replies " I've always been here". They fight and clash against Doflamingo's pirates and disturb Doflamingo.

Trebol makes a comical face as Cavendish, Riku and all others who were toys now attack him. The dwarves try to wake up Usopp by downing him in gallons of water and succeed. The earlier toys are ready to take on Doflamingo. Franky is saved as the army rushes head on. Senor Pink's underwear is torn and he rushes away in shame with girls screaming after him. 

The Strawhats fight against the Big Mom pirates and are losing badly, when Nami thinks Pekoms is cute and pulls his cheeks angering Sanji who changes into super- beast form and attacks everyone and so does Zoro in competion.

Luffy attacks the soldiers and Doflamingo finally appears and Kyros charges himn head on.

Please give your suggestions once again and leave your comments. Thanks guys for your support.


Ben. D . Avery

Long Gun Pirates

P.S That last scene in chapter no. 742 was hilarious! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!