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  • I live in South Blue, Hukrux Kingdom
  • I was born on February 7
  • My occupation is Pirate
  • I am Male (Duh)
  • Ben. D . Avery

    Yesterday, I had written a blog and the next day, I had found that it was deleted. I just wanted to tell you guys, please don't do it. I had take half an hour to write it and BAM, I don't have a single copy of it. Now I have to re-write it. If you don't like it just don't read it! Don't go on deleting my posts. 

    Ben. D . Avery

    Long Gun Pirates.

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  • Ben. D . Avery

    New Yonkous

    March 30, 2014 by Ben. D . Avery

    Hey guys this is the Long Gun Pirate again. So who do you want to turn out as a Yonkou in the series?

    Law: Most people think that Law might become Yonko. However is he really interested in it? He claims his alliance with the Straw Hats is to take down a Yonko, however, his actual intentions is to take down Doflamingo. So is he really interested in becoming a Yonko?

    The Apoo/Hawkins/Kid gang: They are clearly serious in taking down a Yonko. Kidd or Kid even sunk a few ships of Big Mom to prove that. So is any one of them going to be a Yonko?

    Luffy: Becoming a Pirate King is not just finding the One Piece. It is also building a reputation of the most fearsome pirate of seas about you. So Luffy probably will also become a Yonko.

    So who else do yo…

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  • Ben. D . Avery

    Hey guys, it's me again, Avery. I've seen many predictions about One Piece in the net that are far- fetched and those I believe won't happen. Here are some:

    • Shiryuu kills Mihawk: I mean seriously? I can think of BB killing Shanks but not Shiryuu killing Mihawk.
    • The destruction of the Red Line: Everybody thinks that if you destroy the Red Line, everyone is going to live peacefully. However, this could raise sea levels and destroy many islands.
    • Luffy is going to kill Akainy: Luffy so far hasn't killed anyone so let's hold our breaths...
    • One Piece is the Rio Poneglyph: It might contain the Rio Poneglyph, but it IS not the Rio Poneglyph. However there should be just a bit of treasure to keep Nami happy :)
    • Smoker is going to take care of Luffy's kid…
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  • Ben. D . Avery

    743 predictions!

    March 27, 2014 by Ben. D . Avery

    Chapter 742 Predictoons!

    Hey guys sorry my last prediction was not that good but I hope this one is better:

    Usopp's face scares Sugar out of consciousness. This transforms every toy back to human. As the soldiers close in on Luffy, Viola and Kyros, Kyros transforms back. Viola suddenly remembers him and asks him where he's been. He replies " I've always been here". They fight and clash against Doflamingo's pirates and disturb Doflamingo.

    Trebol makes a comical face as Cavendish, Riku and all others who were toys now attack him. The dwarves try to wake up Usopp by downing him in gallons of water and succeed. The earlier toys are ready to take on Doflamingo. Franky is saved as the army rushes head on. Senor Pink's underwear is torn and he rushe…

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  • Ben. D . Avery


    Kyros weeps that he will be always remembered as a murderer. Howevever King Riku consoles him saying that humans are always remembered for the legacy they leave behind. Riku says that Kyros is still young and can change his ways. Riku tells Kyros that when he was young, he was arrogant as he was a royal prince. However, during a battle, he saw soldiers sying to protect the ones they love and he understood that all humans are equal. He henceforward behaved well and courteously to one and all and thus he is still remembered as a good king. Likewise, Kyros can also change his ways.

    Kyros does and is adopted as Riku's son. He leads the Peace Force of Dressroa and metts and falls in love with Scarlett. They get a daughter n…

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