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So a new SBS question revealed the names of the Division Commanders for the Whitebeard pirates, which is awesome because they're all pretty cool.

What I'd like to know is who is your favorite Division Commander from the Whitebeard pirates? It doesn't have to be exclusive to the new reveals, but please don't say Ace, since everyone's going to say Ace.

Now, for me, I'm torn between choosing Vista or Namyuul. Vista is cool for both being acknowledged by Mihawk and for attacking Akainu along with Marco. Plus there's that sweet 'stache! As for Namyuul, I think he looks cool. Some kind of Shark Fish-man, that's badass. You know what else is badass, though? Fossa and his flaming sword!

-BattleFranky202 00:13, June 5, 2010 (UTC)