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  • Baptain

    Second Fruit Theory

    August 7, 2016 by Baptain


    It has been stated that one cannot eat 2 Devil fruits (with the exception of Blackbeard's uncanny unexplained body), because the body can't handle it and a person would die upon eating the second DF. But what if that person can't die? For example, take Kaido who as we know is immortal to some extent, I wouldn't put it past Oda to give him 2, maybe even 3 different Zoan types! That'll be a real threat, especially if one of them is a mystical type.

    Another example would be with healing/revival. Say a person ate the second fruit and as they're about to die Princess Mansherry heals their ailment so they don't die? Or what if the person eats both, dies, then is brought back to life with some fruit power like Gecko Moria's? For all we know…

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