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So I am a major fan of One pIece, as is everyone on this site. i have almost every chapter of One PIece printed in America, so i have a lot of cross examining elements. well today i was reading chapter 580 and saw 2 guys who looked familiar. here take a look.

if you clicked on the link there was a guy at the bottom declaring Shanks' arrival. There was a guy with an axe on his back with torso length hair standing next to another guy with a mask on and a sword on his back. now look at this....

if you look at the panel directly below sogeking on the left, there are the same two guys. and its not like they look kinda similar. they are exactly the same. so i think even though they dont have names, they have to be somewhat important because they attended the world's most devastating attack, a buster call, and participated in the Whitebeard War, both of which are defining moments in One Piece history. Let me know what you think