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If you read my minor characters in major battles blog from a couple months ago, you would know i have a tendency to notice the smallest of detail, hundreds of chapters away form each other. Its somewhat of a knack. Well, i found another one. When you think of physical characteristics of Portgaz D Ace what do you think of? personally i think of his ASCE tattoo, his smiley hat with the strap that has a cow skull on it, and his necklace Here, i am focusing on the hat and the cow skull strap.. Now look here

If you look at the link, it will take you to a page from chapter 441. Duel between Ace and Blackbeard yaddah yaddah yaddah we all know how that turns out. But if you look at the panel in the top left hand corner, you can see Ace is wearing trademark hat, with said cow medallion. Ahaha now look HERE:

If you look at the middle panel to the left, you will see a guy standing right next to Marco, yelling something about how Shanks is fighting with Whitebeard. But look at his head. he is wearing the exact same hat as Ace. The battle at Banaro was 3 days before this incident. And presumably, Blackbeard took ACe directly to the government. So how did this guy get Ace's hat. i want to hear what you think.