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I have a bone to pick with One Piece. I love it dearly but there is something that doesnt make any damn sense. i was reading the chapter where the straw hats were interpretting luffy's message and where they were at the time and somethign caught my attention. the main thing was what Brook and Franky said. Though this is not what they said verbatim it was to the effect of " I have to get stronger for Luffy." NOw all of the Straw Hats had this revelation.

Sanji " I have to get stronger to be the cook for the Pirate King"

Nami " Now its my turn to do the protecting"

for god sake, Mihawk even noticed that Zoro threw away his pride to help another. but these are somewhat reasonable. but what i dont understand is Franky's and Brook's statements. They basically said the same thing but why? Franky and Brook have known Luffy collectively, what, a week tops? granted, the time sailing is undeterminable but still. theres no possible way that franky, much less brook could have made such a powerfulk bond with the rest of the straw hats.

Brook is what bothers me most so im going to focus on him right now. based on whats shown, franky makes the thousand sunny and they sail off from water 7. lets call this day monday. so monday they sail. the time sailing cannot be determined but becasue there are no night scenes, i assume its still monday. monday afternoon they reach the florian triangle and meet brook. monday night they start fighting. at midnight, absalom, perona, hogback, and moia prepare to fight the straw hats. hell breaks loose oars is awakened and based on time it takes about 6 hours for them to beat moria because they beat him right as sun rises. now remember when moria started fighting it was tuesday. so now its tuesday morning, brook joins the straw hats and they sail. the they reach sabaody and they get seperated. Brook, while on longarm island says he needs to get stronger for luffy. why does he need to strengthen for a damn near stranger. Brook knew Luffy for A DAY! let me know your thoughts

Thanks- Bankai99