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In American Shonen Jump magazine this month was the first chapter since the Whitebeard War. The one were Luffy wakes up, Sabo is introduced, Luffy and Ace's past and all that. When Luffy came to the realization of Ace's death, he cried. It made me think of how tough the straw hat crew is on a regular basis. But under all that has to be at least some fragility. SO i went over about 500, almost 600 chapters of one piece i own to see how many times the straw hat crew has cried during the course of the story. and i caught at least one per person, no flashbacks.

Luffy- Ace's death, Merry's funeral, beating Usopp.

Zoro- losing to MIhawk. Nami- When Arlong had betrayed her, Merry's funeral, whe Luffy beat Arlong.

Usopp- Losing to Luffy, joining back with the straw hats, merry's funeral, realizeing he needed to fight chew and not run, when Ms. Merry Christmas mocked Luffy's dream.

Sanji- When he left the Baratie.

Chopper- When Kureha made cherry blossoms fall, after Luffy beat Usopp, Merry's funeral.

Robin- When she said she wanted to live, when she bit down on the bridge of hesitation.

Franky- When Iceburg forgave him.

Brook- when he realized that Laboon was still waiting for him. when his entire crew died and he was left (Brook is alowed one from his past since he hasn't been featured that much)

Now then, i think i got most of them, but very likely not all of them. I want to hear what you guys think or remeber. SO give me some of the tears the Straw Hats have shed in their adventures. Try to give me scenes when it wasn't comical, like How Franky cries sometimes or Sanji being chased around Kamabakka kingdom, and try to hold on the one's from flashbacks (minus brook's). It would be much appreciated :)