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Bankai99 December 21, 2011 User blog:Bankai99

Hey everybody, its Bankai99 here

I have a question and i don't really care who answers but hopefully i can get an answer before tomorrow, Decemeber 21 2011. Does anyone know where i can go to see the One Piece Movie- Strong World? I want to see the movie for the first time and tomorrow i have a winter break from school so i have time on my hands. Does anyone know of a site that i can watch the whole 115 minute movie in one go, no breaks, not set in sperate parts? that is what i prefer but even if its broekn down into parts its fine, just not preferred. also i have no money so i cant pay for memberships.

So yeah anyone who knows where I can find the whole movie, without paying, prefereably in one piece (haha) and without downloading the file onto my computer. Will appreciate any help



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