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Ok first off, i'm glad to be back. i haven't been here since late May and its good to be back.

Anyway, yesterday i was reading Volume 24 where the starw hats reached Jaya, suffered a total beating from Bellamy's crew and then met Teech in the road afterwords. Teech gave Luffy, Zoro, and Nami his spiel about how dreams never end and the New Era is crap and blah blah blah. But thats not what i noticed. What i DID notice was after Teech left and Zoro and Luffy were walking away, Nami asked " Who was that guy?" Luffy and Zolo replied "well its not just one...i think."

Now maybe they were talking about the rest of Blackbeards crew, some of whom they met prior (Doc Q and Jesus Burgess). But then i thought.... how would they have known those peopel were members of BB's crew? They wouldn't right? SO maybe what they were trying to say was that Teech was one or more persons. That would explain why he was able to consume 2 devil fruits over 300 chapters later.

Now this is not canonical, clearly, this is just the rabblings of a mad So feel free to leave a comment or somethign and tell me what you think about why he was able to have to, what you think the quote means etc etc.

ok cool talk to ya soon