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I was watching an AMV on on One Piece. It made me think of the blogs on here that before the time skip asked who they thought would be the next crew member, what roles need to be fulfilled, if the Straw Hats will get a giant or a fishman crew member etc. It made me think- at this point, why would they need new members. Their captain has one of the highest known bounties and they're super strong as it is. Getting new crew members at this point is pointless.The Straw Hat crwe is infamous as pirates, whihc is why they have people imitaitng them (ie Demalo Black) and people joining because they are famous (ie Lip Doughty and Albion) The people in the new world will only be pirates who already have a crew, and its unlikely that there are few civilians in a place known as Pirates Graveyard. I don't know but let me know what you think. :)

Oh and also- ONE PIECE ROCKS