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Hey there everybody its me, Bankai99

So I got to thinkning today about One Piece and how influential its been in my life. This time next week I will be graduating from High School and going off to college in the fall. I realized the characters of One Piece have taught me lessons that I didn't even know happened.

Luffy taught me if something means a lot to you, treasure it with your life,

Zoro taught me to never give up on your dreams,

Nami taught me that its ok to ask for help,

Usopp taught me to be brave in the face of adversity,

Sanji taught me to be chivalrous and take nothing for granted,

Chopper taught me you aren't the person people make you out to be; you are your own,

Robin taught me you always have friends,

Franky taught me to be yourself and laugh,

Brook taught me you are never really alone,

Shanks taught me that you can be a man without showing it,

Whitebeard taught me that there are some things more precious than money and treasures,

Ace taught me that life is something worth living for,

Tom taught me to take pride in my creations,

Hachi taught me people can change,

Kaku taught me even the worst people have a good side,

Zeff taught me that sacrifice is needed to help others,

Belle-mere taught me that you may lose something to protect those important to you,

Nojiko taught me that family doesn't need to have a blood connection,

The Rumbar pirates taught me to go out laughing,

Laboon taught me you may need to wait to gain what you want,

Hancock taught me to trust,

Sabo taught me to dream,

Jinbe taught me some priveleges must be withdrawn to do what needs to be done,

And Rayleigh taught me that you may need to help those less experienced than yourself.

This may seem superficial and too far read into, but I think these fictional characters have taught me lessons I so needingly deserved to learn So Oda, Luffy, and everyone else thank you.

Leave anything that you have learned from One Piece