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Hey there everybody, Bankai99 here.

I know i know, Ive been missed so much *crickets* no...? ok yeah i didnt think so. My last blog was from like November and i thought it was high time to make another. Well actually, I just need to ask a favor.

When i got on today I noticed a few pages that i didnt recognize the name of (specifically, Scopper Gavin, Daigin, and Dr. Fishbonen) i was like *le gasp* what is this witchcraft? I noticed these pages were recently released after the release of the most recent Databook. One Piece Blue Deep was put on the market yesterday, claiming to reveal things about the New World, Devil Fruits, Characters, ships, birthdays, etc etc.

Here comes my request- other than the three pages above that i mentioned, i cant seem to find any other pages that may be of importance. So if there were any pages that you guys know of that I dont, please leave a link in the comments below. I want to see if there is anything new or exciting that i havent seen yet!! I really hope to get the names of the Supernovas Devil Fruits. SO if its not to much trouble, do me a solid


Bankai99 OUT!!