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  • Bankai99


    May 25, 2012 by Bankai99

    Hey there everybody its me, Bankai99

    So I got to thinkning today about One Piece and how influential its been in my life. This time next week I will be graduating from High School and going off to college in the fall. I realized the characters of One Piece have taught me lessons that I didn't even know happened.

    Luffy taught me if something means a lot to you, treasure it with your life,

    Zoro taught me to never give up on your dreams,

    Nami taught me that its ok to ask for help,

    Usopp taught me to be brave in the face of adversity,

    Sanji taught me to be chivalrous and take nothing for granted,

    Chopper taught me you aren't the person people make you out to be; you are your own,

    Robin taught me you always have friends,

    Franky taught me to be yourself …

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  • Bankai99

    Blue Deep Data

    March 3, 2012 by Bankai99

    Hey there everybody, Bankai99 here.

    I know i know, Ive been missed so much *crickets* no...? ok yeah i didnt think so. My last blog was from like November and i thought it was high time to make another. Well actually, I just need to ask a favor.

    When i got on today I noticed a few pages that i didnt recognize the name of (specifically, Scopper Gavin, Daigin, and Dr. Fishbonen) i was like *le gasp* what is this witchcraft? I noticed these pages were recently released after the release of the most recent Databook. One Piece Blue Deep was put on the market yesterday, claiming to reveal things about the New World, Devil Fruits, Characters, ships, birthdays, etc etc.

    Here comes my request- other than the three pages above that i mentioned, i cant …

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  • Bankai99

    Strong World

    December 21, 2011 by Bankai99

    Hey everybody, its Bankai99 here

    I have a question and i don't really care who answers but hopefully i can get an answer before tomorrow, Decemeber 21 2011. Does anyone know where i can go to see the One Piece Movie- Strong World? I want to see the movie for the first time and tomorrow i have a winter break from school so i have time on my hands. Does anyone know of a site that i can watch the whole 115 minute movie in one go, no breaks, not set in sperate parts? that is what i prefer but even if its broekn down into parts its fine, just not preferred. also i have no money so i cant pay for memberships.

    So yeah anyone who knows where I can find the whole movie, without paying, prefereably in one piece (haha) and without downloading the file …

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  • Bankai99

    Sanji's smokes

    November 16, 2011 by Bankai99

    Hey errbody-

    I have a question. What is the brand of cigarettes that Sanji smokes on Sanji's Trivia page, it says he smokes King Ground. I knew it was King something-or-other but i could not recall the name. but King Ground does not sound right to me. Can someone send me a link to a chapter or episode where it is clearly stated? I only ask because my professor was questioning my accuracy when we had to take a real life item and give it the name of a fictious brand for my sociology class. So yeah, a chapter or episode where Sanji's box of cigarettes has the name clearly imprinted on it.

    Thanks a thousand (sunny)-


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  • Bankai99

    Simple Question

    November 11, 2011 by Bankai99


    I have a simple question. where is chapter 646? i know im not in the loop for when new chapters come out, but they usually come out every wednesday or thursday. there was not a chapter november 9th or 10th. so if you guys know why there isnt a chapter or if it is out and i just missed it, plese let me know

    Thanks- bankai99

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