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  • Balbal1

    End of the Grand line

    March 22, 2016 by Balbal1

    Uraharattack said before in a blog that since that you need 4 Road Poneglyphs to reach Raftel and you can't just follow the Log Pose to reach it then what is on the end of the Log Pose route?

    and that lead us to a lot of questions like...have anyone reached it?, and does it holds the 4th Road Poneglyph?, and does anyone currently live on it?, and does it has a connection with Raftel?, we will just have to wait to know the answer, but we can at least say it will be very important island just like Raftel, and i assume that it will be a depopulated island and Luffy will find the 4th Road Poneglyph in it or it will be a normal island where Luffy will fight someone and help the citizens just like any island he visits

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  • Balbal1

    Hey all

    In every arc in which luffy fights a boss or the straw hats fight an organization, the story goes like:

    - There is an evil man

    - He forces the citizens to obay him or wants to kill them all

    - The citizens hate him and want someone to defeat him

    - Luffy shows up and defeat him

    - Luffy become a hero the citizens love him

    That happend in Arlong park, Alabasta, Skypiea, Fishman island and Dressrosa.

    Depending on that, i think that the grand battle that will happen on Raftel (or near it) will be like that but on the scale of the world, i mean that the citizens this time won't be the citizens of a small island, they will be the citizens of the world of one piece, someone will be very strong to stop and will be a big threat on the world, and afte…

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