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Just a quick post to let out a couple of the wild theories that are in my head. Chances are some of you out there might have had the same idea(s) before - just say so!

A) SogeKing has Conqueror's Haki

Chapter 742. This is the latest issue at the time of writing, and we see Usoland knocking out Sugar with a Scary Face. Or maybe he actually released a tiny pulse of Haoshoku haki. What if? Yes it's outrageous if the most cowardly strawhat was capable of Conqueror's, but here's some reasons why it's plausible:

  1. Roger had Rayleigh and Shanks who were also capable of Conqueror's, but we're still waiting for someone else in Luffy's crew who has the ability to unleash faintastic fart.
  2. Usopp's dream is to be a Brave Warrior of the Sea, and having Conqueror's would go a long way to achieving that.
  3. He's growing stronger. He's still weak-willed when he's not lying/boasting, but the world already knows him as the Sniper King (an authoritative title, like the Dark King).
  4. Plot twist. This ridiculous idea would catch everyone off-guard. I looked through the long forum post on strawhat haki and nobody associated Ussop with Conqueror's.

B) There's a Poneglyph in the Underground

Chapter 725. Yes, that place where all the scrap houses lead to. The walls of that place seem to be indestructible. Elizabello and Chinjao didn't seem to be able to break through. What if it's made of the same stuff as poneglyphs? Then the poneglyph might be in a connecting chamber. Hack hinted that there might be other secrets in the basement (now we know the port, but what if there's more?).

Of course, the chamber could be the poneglyph itself. And everyone was inside it's walls. It'd be anyone's guess what the message says.

Ok, I don't mind if these theories are wrong, time will tell what Oda has up his sleeve!