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    We've come to what might be the turning point in the arc. Not only do we know how Dressrosa wound up the way it was, but the biggest knot (Sugar) has been undone, while Sabo has unwrapped the Mera Mera. We can expect to see how everything else strings together, but where might the threads lead? Let's take a look at the current loose ends!

    Not much speculation here, but some questions - I expect them to be most probably answered within this arc or so. (speculative fan stuff in brackets)

    1. Where is Kanjuro?
    2. Who is princess Manshelly?
    3. What is the grudge that Traffy has against Doffy?
    4. What is it that Doffy really wants out of Dressrosa?
    5. Is CP-0 still on Dressrosa? If so, what are they gonna do?
    6. What of the other Revo agents previously sent to Dressrosa…

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  • Bahamut.Egg

    Just a quick post to let out a couple of the wild theories that are in my head. Chances are some of you out there might have had the same idea(s) before - just say so!

    A) SogeKing has Conqueror's Haki

    Chapter 742. This is the latest issue at the time of writing, and we see Usoland knocking out Sugar with a Scary Face. Or maybe he actually released a tiny pulse of Haoshoku haki. What if? Yes it's outrageous if the most cowardly strawhat was capable of Conqueror's, but here's some reasons why it's plausible:

    1. Roger had Rayleigh and Shanks who were also capable of Conqueror's, but we're still waiting for someone else in Luffy's crew who has the ability to unleash faintastic fart.
    2. Usopp's dream is to be a Brave Warrior of the Sea, and having Conque…

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