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What does PH in the air tanks means.PH like Punk Hazard or PH like something else?Or am i over thinking here.The only PH i know is Pizza Hut.Could it be it was Pizza hut?They needed new ingredient and Brook's are just bones so no meat so no need,to capture him?And M.I remember's they say something about M.Is it Monster Inc and not master like they mention?Dragon is practically a monster.They will capture the rest and leave Brook and Sunny out at sea?Can Brook be left alone?

There is only one answer to this and only one person can be call a Master.Doflamingo.He wears shades to cover from the hot sun and the feathers to warm him up when he's on the other side.Half samurai have anyone thought it could be related to the one who slice that guy,who called Luffy?(<---Real question lies here)

Wait a minute.I've asked to much question for today.No more 0 comments.