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Ive read some of the comments about a Ship Devil Fruit.But where to put it,Logia,Paramecia or Zoan?Obviously its paramecia cause ship is an object and not a element.But ships can float therefore the most common weaknesses is have eludes it.

Here is my view if there is a ship df.I would think the user have to evolve himself to be a ship.Just like how baby 5 have ro evolve into different type of weapon.Having said this i think it should be rename as a vessel df.The user could also change into different type of df such a,dinghy,raft,boat,warships etc.And the user may not sink if he evolve himself into any vessel but once his i. Human for, he would sink like normal df do.

What u guys think.Its a crazy theory but its just a thought after reading such comment.Anyway i thought big mam ships could an object fuse df fruit.And that Df fruit is hito-hito no mi model (Singer).Since Chopper fruit give him enlightenment and very good brain than this df give the user an ability to sing,create music etc.In its df form probably looking like Lady Gaga(She's the first singer came to my head as the radio playing radio gaga by Queen and u guys would question me why not freddie mercury instead then i would reply cause ship is a she)she would sink like normal df.

thank you for your time-!!!