One Piece Encyclopedia


Poem for 633

I have a poem to recites
I hope all of you like
I have the strangest feeling ever.
Goosebumbs all over.
Strangest thing i felt for years.
But this picture look fierce.
buggy got a letter send by a bat.
is this foreshadowing
is the new strawhats?
beats me
for not knowing
but there is no keimi.
Really i believe it.
it is forshadowing.
This is what i recites
i hope you all like!


Straw Hats and Allies Confront the New Fishman Pirates

The Strawhats arrive at Gyoncorde Plaza.

And personally this what i think.Jinbei comes along to protect the princess.Princess shirahoshi well she's want her mom dream to be fulfill.And to show to people that mermans and man can exists together.It's best if it's with the King Of PIRATES.Well papagug just decided to come.He wants his crimenal brand more popular!there you go.!

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