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Kishishishi.So all the talks of moria.Is back.Just because it's shadow does't mean thats him.Kishshsishsis.No. this is not to talk about moria but this is to talk about how other charecters we think they're weak cause the loose to none other than(drumroll please) StrawHat pirates!!!weeee!!!ten points if u guess that's right.hororororororo.foshfosh fosh fosh!

  • Ok let me start with really weak.Dr.Hogback,Pearl,and the 4 idiots of ENEL,Mohji,Cabaji,Coby and Helmeppo.Yes they're weak no matter how u look at it.Maybe The last four isn't as weak as we think but still they're weak no doubt.

Then there's character we think they're weak but no they're not.

  • My coach tell me if a team have the desire to win more than its opponent ofcourse that team gonna win unless the opponent is far talented and stronger.
  • So lets put SH as that weak team who have more desire to win.
  • Caribou is not in the league with SH because of SH experiece.Its like u put SH beside WBPirates.
  • So Moria isn't weak as we though he is.He is weaker compare to people like the other shicibukai.We cant compare any of SH opponent with SH cause all opponent really look down at SH pretty bad.Ofcourse they wanna show what they worth.
  • So now that they're two years more experience.People won't be looking down on them anymore belive me.Hody jones won't be looking down on them.
  • From now on.Hopefully SH have a better brawl.No more cliche battle so only now we can compare their strenght with SH.
  • Hopefully SH really beat them(opponent) cause they're far stronger or they're no longer be given a chance.

Take a break on that subject and jump to another one.I think if anyone is there at fishmen island.I hope its Buggy,Crocodile,Law and Marco to be there at the place they're going now.Cross our finger.I don't want Sanji to die.They have yet to taste attack cuisine.btw another out of context sentence.Bon-Chan have the S-RH blood type.wakakakakaka bonchan joke.wakakaka.Btw mine is O+ can anyone bring me to fishmen island please!!!!pleasee!!!I-gonna-die-if-i-dont-get-onepeice disease has plague me as well.So if its all nonsensesical iam just sick that's why.:P