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Orite.Here it goes.Punk Hazard.My brains paint a beautiful picture of what punk hazard look like 4 years ago.

He're my take on what Punk Hazard was.I haven't read any other blog about Punk Hazard so maybe it could be the same with some of you guys.

Punk Hazard to me is.A place for Vegapunk to create his brilliance.But not for military for the world.For the better of the world.The name occurs to me.Punk derived from Vegapunk's name and Hazard-A hazard is a situation that poses a level of threat to life, health, property, or environment.So that place gonna always be dangerous cause Vegapunk is experimenting it.He might experimental change the atmostphere,weather,earth,fire or anything nature.Therefore the name Punk Hazard.So why is it melting and abandon by WG??2 things Vegapunk's hometown and his in-ground heating system that he wants to build at his hometown.Well he manage to create it there at the island not just a heating system but a cooling system too.His invention was nearly perfect but another of his great invention destroy his previous invention.So that where the dragon comes from.Dragon an invention of Punk.Maybe not mechanical but Vegapunk manage to sample Dragon from Wana Country(Kuni doesn't matter)and create his own Dragon.Like a clone or something that could talk.His take to know why do dragon keep on attacking human in Wano.Probably if they could talk,human might understand better and could be used as an ally(for the use of WG).With all that mixing in,i now add Samurais and the close door policy Wano-Kuni have into the theory.Devastated by Punk's doing.They attacked Punk Hazard to stop Punk creating anymore Dragon.Just as they about to get to know the dragon the Samurais attacked them and therefore the destruction of Punk Hazard.Doesn't want anyone to know his creation punk asked the dragon to destroy the heating/cooling system.Thus Vegapunk and WG left the island leaving it to the state how it is now.That is also the reason no one should disembark them and also because some of wano's samurai are still there and will kill anyone who enters.The dragon is so tame that the dragon won't attacked any human.Therefore asking the Strawhats Who are You.

There goes my theory.How you like it.