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Can we really compare strength in One Piece?Apart from Douriki can we really compare?The reason for this blog because I see each character in one piece are kinda at the same level or simply just 2 or 3 level higher. Why i say that u might ask?Let me bring Crocodile to back my point.Defeated by luffy.Is he weaker than luffy?But he fought with mihawk,akainu and doflamingo on almost equal terms.Stop at their track by him.And he almost beat luffy more than once.2nd point.We can't compare them with.Luffy and his crew,not like any other character,currently.They learn from defeats or learn quickly on how to defeat his/hers opponent at that very moment they're fighting.They rather calm trying new techniques everytime againts any foe that is beyond their par.Look at their fight against Zombie Oars.They wanna try the docking,make him fall from his feet,stuck his horns alot of try until they decided to break his spine.3rd point If we just wanna compare through battles than is Kalifa really stronger than sanji?the answer is no and yes.No cause sanji defeat someone with a higher douriki and yes cause sanji is weak against a lady.So in this point i find we can't really compare strength cause at some point x can beat y but y defeat z who defeat X.It does make sense right?So lets go to the title If Luffy could defeat Crocodile who fight almost on par with Akainu who defeat Ace who is stronger than luffy.I like to hear from u guys?what u guys think?Especial from the blog pro?