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Luffy bounty.real or fake.your guess?

Awesome! October 7, 2010 User blog:Awesome!

Hearing that everyone thinks that luffy bounty really did increase.Here is my guess.I dont think luffy bounty did increase.
i think fake luffy just exaggerate a lil bit.I mean if i were a fake i would do exactly the same.Especially upon seeing how he survive the war and everything.And further more
Since the marines were like saying"strawhat luffy is still a life"I think why would they bother to increase and post it out to a person who they think is dead?right2?
But if Luffy were to have a bounty increase why not higher just 10,000,000 i say it's because they just took it for him punching the celestial dragon and going to marineford and ring the bell.that's why my guess would be.So share what is your guess.

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