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If you guys ever heard that phrase you probably thinking why am i saying so.Isnt it?
This is due to the fact that i want Bon-chan so much to be in the crew.To hell with Caribou which i think he will be a joke villain.Someone that would be a fight for the SH but utterly defeated later-on.I think this time the 3rd time Luffy gonna meet Bon-Chan.He will join SH.Where is Bon-Chan now?He is at fishman island.waiting for luffy.Yes i still hold that belive he would be there until SH leaves Fishman Island without any bonchan.About Kraken i think luffy gonna tame it but releases him after the fishman arc or probably ask to go to that rusukuina island(i think i spelt wrongly)the break would be just a week so i belive i can stand it.I will make a prediction soon.So stay tune.