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Why can't we accept that Zoro and Sanji are equal.They both fight each other to no ends.Only that non canon movie have that fight over with Zoro beat Sanji.So let's scrutenized Sanji in a minute.He is always doing things behind close doors while Zoro is out opened.Baroque Works Saga.Little garden arc.While Zoro got stucked and at the same time beat mr 5 Sanji was hidden in a candle hut beating the unluckies,gotten a log pose and shitty restaurant.Alabasta Arc.Sanji is Mr Prince while Zoro is stuck with Luffy and save Smoker.Again Sanji hidden and Zoro wide opened.Well i could continue on forever.So by this would could say that strengh Zoro=100 Sanji =75 brains Zoro=55 and Sanji=80(if he's less chivalry he could have a 100)tactical wit Zoro=45 and Sanji=45.

These are just numbers i created and i see fit.Zoro-100+55+45=200 Sanji-75+80+45=200.Why is there a tactical wit when there's already brains.Zoro had shown some tactical wits.tactical wits is how their brain work when fighting an enemy.So Equal aren't they.Sure Zoro is stronger.He nudges Sanji slightly to take Kuma hit.and i believe Sanji too could took the blow from Kuma but will be out slightly longer than Zoro.Equal in a sense that who's the best between zoro and sanji i would say they're equal!

So let's stay united sanji and zoro fans.

I would want to listen to why you think one is better than the other!