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I think we can take a breather.No fight will occur at the moment.I think 3/4 or 1/3 page of Flashback for the next chapter.Hopefully.The princes is back,their knights are retreating along with their ministers while their king is captured with 3 Strawhats,Usoop,Brook and Zoro.Something interest me is Fisher Tiger's and Jinbe's motive,Arlong Park look similar to Sabondy park.Arlong,Kuroobi,Chew and Hatchan wants to be part of the human world.

Something amaze me is only Nami realise it and Sanji remembers it.Jinbe sent them to East Blue.I know the reason.East Blue is the weakest sea.The man that started the great pirate era,he is from East Blue,The weakest of them all.If iam a master dictator.I would do the same thing.

Then comes to another thing.My mom teaches me not to point fingers at anybody it's rude and it reflect yourself.As u point any of your fingers except your thumb u have 3 fingers pointing back at u.Why i come up with this.As much as Nami wants to blame Jinbe.The reason for their hate points back at how the humans treated them.Chip of their shoulders should be right.If iam any fishman iam in dillema.

This arc isn't just about saving anyone no!(robin,ace,brook shadow)this isn't about some crap dictator(arlong,enel,wapol).No!this is about!well it's not ended yet.really this arc have some mix emotion about it.One thing for sure there will be a big fight.Princes,Caribou,Hodi,Van der decken,Hyozou,Jinbe,Luffy,Zoro,Sanji,Strawhat Pirates,New Fishman Pirates and not to forget,Big Mam could be here as well.COULD!or her/his ally?PROBABLY.Lets wait and find out is it?because East Blue started the whole thing?("the worst when great pirate era starts"Jinbei)or because it's simply the weakest?what will Robin find,that is of my interest as well.Will hot,Madame Shirley(MILF)prediction be true?Will see other human besides Strawhat Pirates,Caribou and the one caught by New Fishman Pirates,So much answer but it's only one time a week.Let's unwhine and relax.Let us reminence time of Sunny Pirates for the moment!

Hatchi you're still irritating!