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Since everyone wrote about Big Mam.Iam gonna write about Big Mam

Here is what i think of Big Mam's power.Her power is ability to spit fiery saliva of stomach acid.Yes She could spit it to her enemy or put it in her mouth at let him melt.Weaknesses she needed candy to control so it doesn't drool all over the place and endanger her crew or destroy her ship or house.

There iam down.That blob is probably her fart.Her fart is devasting too.

If Pekoms bounty is 330,000,000 than i think this arc gonna be like alabasta arc.Only stronger villain.Luffy can be immune to poison but not to Big Mam's stomach acid.

Finnally not about big mam.Smoker and Kidd will meet luffy about the same time.Jamon!