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Today for about 1 hour or so watching Ace demise for 3 times make that hour feel so miserable.Never will i watch that episode again cause it is so sad.I think Every manga lover anime hater wont hate that episode or maybe they will even more cause it is to darn sad.That episode there is better than any drama.And i watch a lot.Luffy's potrayal in this episode too damn!Him being naive and gullible.I got no other feeling but to feel sad.Especially that part where he call for doctors and Iva-chan help.that really touch me.Thank You!ODA and animators.For introducing a great charater and finishing him as great too.Well.But it bring me a bit of joy!1.What a great end for a great character 2.Never would luffy be a great character without his demise. least he got to his know if he is worthy to live. Just saying i guess the trait of will of d smile at his/her demise is to pass on to everyone that they have met their end the world is not gonna end.Continue living.Live like i live with NO REGRETS!U can die smileing too.