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    The Forgotten

    December 11, 2014 by Awesome!

    Sanji: You guys heard what Luffy said.I will go to the ship and wreck havoc.

    Chopper: Sanji you're still hurt from your wounds!!!

    Ceasar: Oh my!Oh my! Iam gonna be captured.You're the stronger one you gotta protect me!!

    Sanji kicks numerous cannon balls coming their way.

    Sanji: Chopper,Don't you worry about me.You,Ceasar and Nami protect the ship while I and Brook take care of the thugs!Brook take the shackles off Ceasar.He is more vulnerable with the seastone on him.

    Brook remove the seastone cuff from Ceasar.

    Sanji: Now that you're free you can protect and defend for yourself.Dont you dare run.Sky Walk!!

    Sanji jumps off Sunny and when on board to Big Mam's ship

    Tamago:  Bon black leg dares to come to our ship soir lalala.Bon Attack him Bon!

    As Sa…

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  • Awesome!

    Ive read some of the comments about a Ship Devil Fruit.But where to put it,Logia,Paramecia or Zoan?Obviously its paramecia cause ship is an object and not a element.But ships can float therefore the most common weaknesses is have eludes it.

    Here is my view if there is a ship df.I would think the user have to evolve himself to be a ship.Just like how baby 5 have ro evolve into different type of weapon.Having said this i think it should be rename as a vessel df.The user could also change into different type of df such a,dinghy,raft,boat,warships etc.And the user may not sink if he evolve himself into any vessel but once his i. Human for, he would sink like normal df do.

    What u guys think.Its a crazy theory but its just a thought after reading …

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  • Awesome!

    Please understand i have write in a long time.Apologise for grammar,puntuation and vocabulary mistakes thank you.

    So iam waiting for the next chapter to be release.Iam thinking,have CP-0 played their part already?Will they still be in dressrosa or they just pass of the news and of they go to their secret hideout.

    I just feel that there is so many characters here in dressrosa that i believe the final fight wont be at dressrosa at least not with doflamingo.Whatever happens to doflamingo with law iam not sure but i find its too early for luffy vs Dof.It could be he ran away with his 3 trusted-man and some of his crewmate leaving dressrosa.

    Now you will wonder.Really?Awesome!?You're delusional.It was not long ago i remember doflamingo stated man…

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    Awesome:Report Time

    April 25, 2013 by Awesome!

    Before I you guys continue to read this blog please watch this.

    Now that you have watch you will have slight understanding of the nature of my blog.Let's Go!!!!

    • Awesome!:Good morning/evening/afternoon everyone.Hey hey welcome to the interview.Where I interview characters from onepiece and beyond.Due to the unforeseen circumstances and nature of this wikia episode one was cancel.Well I put it in the wrong channel,and u can blame Sanji and Violet for their erotic show.We have banned them.

    Door in flames fly above

    • Sanji: You can blame me but not violet u shitty Host!!!Don't u dare insult my girl!!!
    • Awesome:that will be last you guys will see of Sanji, Well sort of until our produces decide to bring him ba…

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    Is that Hawkins

    March 28, 2012 by Awesome!

    It look like hawkins.He is a strange dude.Could M be Hawkins.Might we see a supernova face off in this arc.With kid,hawkins,killer,zoro and law.Or could it be Hawkins ,law and luffy.Or that M guys is totally a new face.ouh thx to the harpy nami is really generic isnt she.Booooo Nami!Iam team Robin!

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