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Random Dressrosa Aftermath Predictions

Time for something different. As Dressrosa is coming to an end, I thought it'd be interesting to get everyone to throw out their predictions as to what'll happen during the aftermath. However, the point here isn't to write long paragraphs detailing the course of events, but rather to list several short random predictions that can be totally unrelated to each other. For example, here's some of my predictions:

  • The Dwarves will finally reveal their existence to the people of Dressrosa.
    • The Dwarves will use the the things they've stolen over the years to help the citizens.
  • Mansherry will use her power to restore parts of the kingdom.
  • Usopp's bounty poster will finally use his real name.
  • Kaido will make a shadowed appearance.

Then, when it's all over, we can see how many prediction points the community as a whole got correct. Sound good? Let's start then.

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