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The flashback continues! Seems like we're finally moving onto the subject of "what the heck happened to Sanji". Actually, about a week ago Oda stated in the Jump Festa 2015 event that the next year would be the Year of Sanji, and that we would learn about his birth and the reason for the "Only Alive" bounty poster. Does it have something to do with Big Mom? That would seem a bit odd as Sanji didn't know anything about her during the Fishman Island arc. Regardless, it seems Big Mom Pirates' arrival will be the catalyst for whatever caused Sanji to leave.

In other news, Caesar's interactions with the crew continue to be hilarious. I wonder what part he will play in the plot from now on, though. We know Big Mom Pirates wanted to capture him, but did they succeed or did he escape with Sanji or what? It would seem a bit pointless if after everything that's happened he'll just disappear from the story.

Oh, and Pekoms is confirmed to be a Mink. Finally. People sure came up with all kinds of crazy explanations to claim he isn't one, but turns out things are exactly how they seemed. Occam's razor.

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