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Right at the beginning of the chapter we get a rather interesting revelation from Burgess: Ace didn't in fact lose to Blackbeard during their duel on Banaro Island. Instead, it seems they had another fight later, this one taking place on Hanaro Island. It was there that Ace then lost. So what exactly went down during the first fight? Why did they go to another island? Definitely seems like flashback material.

We also had the first mention of a mysterious individual known only as "The Marine". It was this man that the Blackbeard Pirates handed Ace over to, and the Revolutionaries say that he's coming to Dressrosa right now! Who is this nameless man and what does he want? We'll have to see.

Poor Sabo seems to be developing a multiple personality disorder due to the Mera Mera no Mi. He tells Burgess that "Ace says he won't forgive you!!", so it might be that after eating the fruit, the trauma of losing his brother caused him to develop another personality, thinking he's Ace. Or perhaps by inheriting Ace's power, he also inherited his soul, and the two now fight over the control of the body. Interesting to see how this'll play out.

Now, moving on to the final point I want to discuss, which is also in the title of this blog... The World Government's cover-up. It seems that instead of broadcasting the truth to the world, the WG is resorting to fairytale explanations by claiming that Doflamingo was defeated not by Luffy, but a Heavenly Yaksha. Or are they trying to claim that Doflamingo defeated himself? I have no idea what they're thinking.

Definitely pretty shocking developments. Any thoughts on all of this?