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We had a lot of big revelations in this chapter: Ope Ope no Mi's ultimate power, more Doflamingo and Law backstory and the first appearance of Corazon.

What I want to focus on, however, is the newly promoted marine, Admiral Maynard. Apparently Maynard was promoted from Vice Admiral some time after his defeat at the hands of Barto. I wonder how someone of his level has able to attain the rank? That's already odd as it is, but we also found out that him and his fellow Marines are in fact contributing to the tragedy of Dressrosa by spreading chaos across the country! Is Maynard working with Doflamingo? Having an admiral at his disposal would give Dofla a lot of power.

We also got confirmation that Sabo and Issho are working together and have achieved victory. Victory over what? That remains a mystery. But it seems to bode misfortune for Admiral Maynard, as a marine soldier told him to "feel the pain" of their victory.

So any thoughts on Maynard's actions? Is he evil or does he support some kind of "Chaotic Justice"?