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  • Awaikage

    After two color spreads in a row we finally continue the cover story. As expected, we get to see Hancock who seems to have decorated her palace a bit with an enlarged version of Luffy's new wanted poster. Nothing too exciting. Apparently we'll get another color spread next week so this series will be on hold once again.

    The chapter starts off with Sanji angsting over the bomb cuffs on his wrists. We also get a few panels of flashbacks of his "father" Zeff, which gives some contrast to the way his real family is treating him now. Then we move on the Brook and Pedro team who find out from a newspaper that it's actually spelled "Totto Land" Jinbe backed out from quitting after Big Mom brought out that roulette wheel. At least, that's the offici…

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  • Awaikage

    The flashback continues! Seems like we're finally moving onto the subject of "what the heck happened to Sanji". Actually, about a week ago Oda stated in the Jump Festa 2015 event that the next year would be the Year of Sanji, and that we would learn about his birth and the reason for the "Only Alive" bounty poster. Does it have something to do with Big Mom? That would seem a bit odd as Sanji didn't know anything about her during the Fishman Island arc. Regardless, it seems Big Mom Pirates' arrival will be the catalyst for whatever caused Sanji to leave.

    In other news, Caesar's interactions with the crew continue to be hilarious. I wonder what part he will play in the plot from now on, though. We know Big Mom Pirates wanted to capture him, bu…

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  • Awaikage

    First of all: The Sanji cliffhanger was still not resolved, but we did get some information: Sanji left a note and wasn't captured or anything. So he seems to have left out of own will - to deal with some personal issues, perhaps. What do you think Sanji is doing? Seems we'll find out relatively soon when Nami explains what happened.

    Brook being the "corpse" was also confirmed, like many predicted. And we got some timeline clarification on Jack's attack and the Straw Hats' arrival. Also, some more named Minks. What do you think those Kings will be like?

    But most interestingly, Jack is (probably) an elephant of some sort. Like his ship's figurehead. Funkfreed already has the Zou Zou no Mi though, so is this a different model or a SMILE or what?…

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  • Awaikage

    Alright, the interesting events of this chapter start at the meeting between the Five Elder Stars and Admiral Sakazuki. Yes, Admiral. For some reason, the Red Dog seems to have been demoted during the past few days and is now once again an admiral alongside the likes of Kizaru, Ryokugyu, Tora Fuji and Maynard. What does this mean? Well, I'd say someone way stronger than him was promoted to be the new Fleet Admiral (possibly the mysterious "The Marine"?). Doesn't seem like that's stopping him from uttering sighs at the Elder Stars, though.

    Now, Sakazuki mentions that the Doflamingo Warlords have withdrawn. Wait, the "Doflamingo Warlords"!? Yep, it seems that Doflamingo was not only a member of the Shichibukai, but also a separate group name…

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  • Awaikage

    Right at the beginning of the chapter we get a rather interesting revelation from Burgess: Ace didn't in fact lose to Blackbeard during their duel on Banaro Island. Instead, it seems they had another fight later, this one taking place on Hanaro Island. It was there that Ace then lost. So what exactly went down during the first fight? Why did they go to another island? Definitely seems like flashback material.

    We also had the first mention of a mysterious individual known only as "The Marine". It was this man that the Blackbeard Pirates handed Ace over to, and the Revolutionaries say that he's coming to Dressrosa right now! Who is this nameless man and what does he want? We'll have to see.

    Poor Sabo seems to be developing a multiple personality…

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