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Now that the expansive influence of the Donquixote Pirates will be vanished there will be a lot of changes to the OP world as we know it. The defeat of Doffy has effectively weakened every part of the Three Great Powers. The Shichibukai ranks are now down from the max, and prefered, 7 members and down to 5. Making Luffy responsible for now 4 changes in the ranks in some way or another. Crocodile, Gecko Moriah, and Doflamingodue to deafeats, Law threw posiition away. Jinbei left due to his relationship with the Whitebeard Pirates and so is not added into this count. A member of the Yonko, Kaido, will now be crippled and I say crippled because losing his Smile will be a big deal since it was Law's original plan. And with only two Admirals and the lost of faith the Marines have some work to do.

While we may see the results of this less than the aforementioned. Without Smile and weapons there are going to be a lot of changes made by countries. Some will win wars and some will lose. And now there is a gap in the underworld and a valuable asset up for grabs, Ceasar.

And lastly, my inspiration for the blog, is the fact that I'm expecting Luffy, Law, Bartomeleo (defeated a vice admiral) as well as others to gain new bounties shortly. I am expect both Law and Luffy to meet at least the 500,000,000 beli mark. But since raises after 300,000,000 are not as big who knows? Did I miss any changes? What are your thoughts on new bounties?