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  • AverageHero

    Hey, It's The Average Hero!

    I'm A newer user here to One Piece wiki, but I'm more so a vet when it comes to total drama wikis!

    Anyways, I made this blog to remind everyone about things to definately look forward to in the New World saga!

    As we all know, there are many powerful pirates riding the high seas of the New World including:

    The Blackbeard Pirates

    The Remaining 11 Supernovas & Their Crews

    The Straw Hats (Obviously)

    The Remaining Seven Warlords Of The Seas

    Plus, The Marines!

    So, whenever I think of this, I think of all the amazing battles we'll get to see hopefully in the near future!

    Also, Jinbe seems to be getting pretty close with the Straw Hats... A possible new crew member?


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