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Well, as most of us know, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 was released a few weeks ago. I, am SUPER-excited for it to come to the states. And for fans in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and anywhere else where FUNimation reaches, i'm sure your all eager as well!

I've been keeping tabs in on all the the features and characters in the game, but have resisted spoiling too much of the game's stroy. I'm most looking forward to the character roster. I am over-joyed to play as: Garp, Kuzan (favorite marines) Eneru (favorite antagonist/devil fruit) Trafalgar Law (epic ally to the strawhats) Mihawk (epic person in general) and Kuma, a character i've recently taken interest in.

The one thing that bugs me about the game is that Namco Bandai is still not dubbing the game. If Namco can dub the Naruto Storm series even though naruto in NA is behind Japan, there's no reason not to dub One Piece. A friend of mine actually helped me make a petition for dubbing it. If your interested sign it if you want.

So what about you guys? Whats your opinion on the game?