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So I was derping around in AP forum when suddenly I saw a VERY INTERESTING thread. This is about an interview with Oda in an OP book...


Many are looking forward to what happens next in One Piece. Could you give us a message for them ?
Oda : One thing that motivates me to keep drawing One Piece is that I want to draw the last chapter. The last chapter is amazing ! I imagine a final chapter that will make the Marineford arc look like nothing.
Nakata : Seriously ?!
Oda : The Marineford arc really felt like a side trip to me. I didn’t expect it to be so popular. So I don’t know how readers will take this one. But the thing I think is really interesting will be in that last chapter. Until then, I’d like as many of the fans as possible to stick with me.
Nakata : Believe me, they will. I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next, too !
Oda : Yessir !

As usual, credits to Greg @AP forum.

So, Oda already planned the final arc of One Piece, and IT WILL BE EPIC, MARINEFORD ARC WILL BE ASHAMED.