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Areszzjay February 4, 2012 User blog:Areszzjay

Ok, so I have a new idea of game (or something)...

Ever heard of role-playing? Yeah, you and some friends play a kind of board game that required you to choose a "role"... or a "class". This is the basic idea of role-playing games that made the player choose the role of his/her character.

Tl:dr? Okay...

So the idea of this game is:

If the Straw Hat Pirates crew is a party in a RPG, which class/job/role will they choose?

My choice:

- Luffy as Monk (bare-handed, fighting spirit aka Haki)

- Zoro as Swordsman (dual-wield preferably, used some wind-element attacks such as Pound Cannon)

- Nami as Magician/Thief hybrid (thunder- and wind-element magic)

- Usopp as Ranger/Summoner (summon plants aka Pop Green and shoot things)

- Sanji as Alchemist/Star Gladiator-Sun (food is basically a potion - heal your HP, Star Gladiator is a job in Ragnarok which utilized kicks and Sun is the disciple of fire)

- Chopper as Priest (basically a healer/brawler hybrid)

- Robin as Assassin (I think she was a spy from Revolutionary Army, and grappling as assassination move)

- Franky as Mechanic (ride mecha as armor, make weapons/ammo, etc)

- Brook as Bard (actually a bard/swordsman/magician hybrid, since he enchant ice-element at his sword)

So what do you think? It is a perfect party? Or you want to made other assignment?

(Note: sorry for my bad English)

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