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Areszzjay January 18, 2012 User blog:Areszzjay

List of New World pirate will appear (currently draft one Oda)

"Sword Bay" Sepultura
Pirate Captain Sepultura
300 million berry bounty

"Flying Island" Hopper stepper
Pirate Captain Jumper
250 million berry bounty

"Wall eye" Renesukaboro
Pirate Captain Sukaboro
2 180 million berry bounty

"Blood Drops" Bram Stoker's Nathan Rollo
Pirate Captain Dracula
3 120 million berry bounty

"Dull bull" La Beef ski cam
Pirate Captain Beef skiing
400 million berry bounty

"Dragon wings" Ropen
Pirate Captain Erudorako
350 million berry bounty

"大老" Mrs. Mary
Pirate Captain Mary
4 330 million berry bounty

As usual, credits to our good friend Greg and Aohige @AP Forum

Dafuq?! 4 Billion?! Then how much are the Yonkou's??

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