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  • Areszzjay

    WTF Oda?!

    May 4, 2012 by Areszzjay

    So I was derping around in AP forum when suddenly I saw a VERY INTERESTING thread. This is about an interview with Oda in an OP book...


    Many are looking forward to what happens next in One Piece. Could you give us a message for them ?
    Oda : One thing that motivates me to keep drawing One Piece is that I want to draw the last chapter. The last chapter is amazing ! I imagine a final chapter that will make the Marineford arc look like nothing.
    Nakata : Seriously ?!
    Oda : The Marineford arc really felt like a side trip to me. I didn’t expect it to be so popular. So I don’t know how readers will take this one. But the thing I think is really interesting will be in that last chapter. Until then, I’d like as many of the fans as possible to stick …

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  • Areszzjay

    The Crews' Classes

    February 4, 2012 by Areszzjay

    Ok, so I have a new idea of game (or something)...

    Ever heard of role-playing? Yeah, you and some friends play a kind of board game that required you to choose a "role"... or a "class". This is the basic idea of role-playing games that made the player choose the role of his/her character.

    Tl:dr? Okay...

    So the idea of this game is:

    If the Straw Hat Pirates crew is a party in a RPG, which class/job/role will they choose?

    My choice:

    - Luffy as Monk (bare-handed, fighting spirit aka Haki)

    - Zoro as Swordsman (dual-wield preferably, used some wind-element attacks such as Pound Cannon)

    - Nami as Magician/Thief hybrid (thunder- and wind-element magic)

    - Usopp as Ranger/Summoner (summon plants aka Pop Green and shoot things)

    - Sanji as Alchemist/Star Gladiator-Sun …

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  • Areszzjay


    January 18, 2012 by Areszzjay

    List of New World pirate will appear (currently draft one Oda)

    "Sword Bay" Sepultura
    Pirate Captain Sepultura
    300 million berry bounty

    "Flying Island" Hopper stepper
    Pirate Captain Jumper
    250 million berry bounty

    "Wall eye" Renesukaboro
    Pirate Captain Sukaboro
    2 180 million berry bounty

    "Blood Drops" Bram Stoker's Nathan Rollo
    Pirate Captain Dracula
    3 120 million berry bounty

    "Dull bull" La Beef ski cam
    Pirate Captain Beef skiing
    400 million berry bounty

    "Dragon wings" Ropen
    Pirate Captain Erudorako
    350 million berry bounty

    "大老" Mrs. Mary
    Pirate Captain Mary
    4 330 million berry bounty

    As usual, credits to our good friend Greg and Aohige @AP Forum

    Dafuq?! 4 Billion?! Then how much are the Yonkou's??

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  • Areszzjay

    A disgrace or...?

    January 10, 2012 by Areszzjay

    So I was derping around in youtube like a boss when suddenly... le wild video appears!

    Watch it and tell me what do you think XD

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  • Areszzjay

    Some interesting infos from Jump Festa 2012 - One Piece Super Stage with Oda-Sensei..

    - New World will be started next year. Oda also promised that he will not run out of ideas.

    - Oda will involved with the next One PIece Movia (the twelfth) as a executive producer. The movie itself will released at December 2012.

    - There will be a One Piece fair! In celebration of 15 years serialization of One PIece, there will be a special video and One Piece fair, which will be held at March 20, 2012 in Roppongi Hills with the themes of "manga, anime and emotion".

    Thanks to Greg @OPPodcast, Tonyohoho, One Piece Fans Club Indonesia @facebook

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