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First poseidon-plouto-uranus are all greek words.

Uranus (Ουρανός) =SKY

Poseidon '(Ποσειδόνας)' was the god of SEA

Plouto (Πλούτονας) known as Hades (Άδεις) as well, was the god of UNDERWOLD

Sky-Sea-Underworld so we can understand that the names are not just random and they symbolise each something.

POSEIDON=Shirahoshi that is a MERMAID and can communicate-control with SEA kings.

URANUS= SKYPIEA person that can.....???

PLUTO=HUMAN(?) pirate king(???) what could it be??

let me hear your theories and thoughts:) (about the names i am sure because i am Greek btw)

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