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I want to ask all of you that take the time to read this blog post a question in regards to Luffy/Sanji & Nami/Robin

I am interested to see what would happen if either Nami or Robin were to get killed off. Now the liklihood of either one being killed off is very small but ill still throw out the question. Who do you believe will be more upset/angry/pissed off out of Sanji and Luffy. Both present with strong reasoning for wanting to protect or keep safe either of them. 

Luffy on the one hand has vowed above all else that he wishes to protect any of his nakama from any danger and has already declared war on the world government for Robin to do just that. In the unlikely even that one were to get killed off I believe that he would personally go out and find that person and make them pay considerablly for their actions. 

Sanji on the other hand is harder to predict. He hates to see a women in pain and on the punk hazard ark protected tashigi from vergo because he knew she was crying. That, coupled with his complete adoration for both Nami and Robin are strong factors. However, I am not sure how he would react. Would he be sad or would he be angry? 

I would like to hear all of your thoughts on the issue.