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  • AokijiSencho

    I want to ask all of you that take the time to read this blog post a question in regards to Luffy/Sanji & Nami/Robin

    I am interested to see what would happen if either Nami or Robin were to get killed off. Now the liklihood of either one being killed off is very small but ill still throw out the question. Who do you believe will be more upset/angry/pissed off out of Sanji and Luffy. Both present with strong reasoning for wanting to protect or keep safe either of them. 

    Luffy on the one hand has vowed above all else that he wishes to protect any of his nakama from any danger and has already declared war on the world government for Robin to do just that. In the unlikely even that one were to get killed off I believe that he would personally go…

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  • AokijiSencho

    I was just reading through some of the other blogs and I noticed that there seems to be a theory concerning luffy and his life expectancy. Now we know that to cure luffy of the poisen Iva had to shave ten years off of luffys life. Coupled with the continuous use of the second gear and luffy seems to be rapidly cutting his life expectancy down. I came to think on what choppers dream was, to cure any kind of disease. Now I know that what luffy is going through is not a disease per se but I wonder if he will have anything to do with prolonging/curing luffy of the life that he had to shave off.

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  • AokijiSencho

    I have been following this page for quite a while now but have only just recently joined up. I have been a OP fan for a while now and  I am thoroughly enjoying both the manga and the anime. 

    Now I am not sure if what I am about to ask has been asked already but I have so far been unable to find the thread/blog that can answer my question. If there is such a thread/blog, please do diregard this. My question is this:  Right now we are currently at Chapter 721 in the manga and episode 651 in the anime. Am I to assume that there is goign to be a 1 episode per 1 manga ratio? if so does that mean that there will be another 30 episodes of the anime just to catch up to the current manga chapter? let alone to finish the arc?

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