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So I managed to get IE sorted yesterday so now it stopps logging me off even when I've clicked the box to stay online. For 2 months I played around trying to figure out what was going on.

Its something about the random video ads that pop up, my firefox doesn't like them. I've tried re-installing them and all video support software and still... Problems. wikias hang forever for 5 minutes at a time.

Also to make matters worst my return to this wikia is hindered by the issues with the Vocaloid wikia, which mean I still haven't really sat down and mucked in here because of it. Okay heres the problem, when a new vocal is released, everyone rushes in to add details. But projects older then 6 months... I spent all of Saturday catching up with info on one page, finding info on another and filling out 3 bits of app software that no one wrote about. With no Japanese translators willing to do something to help, it makes making sense of older articles much, much worst. I've been helping out on that wikia for 3-4 years and there are some issues that just are not changing, and if not for me and a few other editors, would result in that wikia being worst then it is.

Also, in regards to anyone playing Pokémon X and Y... Have you found the GTS any use? I spent two hours this morning looking for version pokemon, and if not for a Japanese person putting a Clauncher up in exchange for a pokemon I had, I'd have called it a complete waste of time. This was the issue with past pokemon GTS systems but for the first time at least I got a decent trade. :-/