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That "meh" feeling

The current arc is going nowhere fast and introducing too many elements randomly. -_-

this actually feels too much like bad story telling, Oda's slipping in terms of standards. This feels like a CP9- level of arc, except it lacks the edgeiness of the Water 7 arc. Saying that, we had a climatix of the WB storyline, its hard to compete with a lot of that. Fishman island had its ups and downs, gave us a lot of information and filled out a lot of things, giving us some foreshadowing and some mysteries. While you can't do that every arc. I can't put my finger on it, but the current storyline isn't as lively as many OP arcs are.

I think I've come to expect too much from Oda... This is bad of me. Worst bit is I read this manga weekly, but each week I finsih and I'm left thinking "is that it?". Oda's had a lot of sudden breaks randomly since Thriller bark, usually this means the arc has reached a point and he spends a week researching. However, he didn't do it as often as he does now. Its also been a while since we had a bumper size chapter and this shorter ones don't leave you feeling like they supplied enough to you.

Essentially right now as well, every single chapter is ending the same; leaving you will a pose and "Wtf" reaction from the characters. Which is nice, except its now being so overused its getting boring. It doesn't hurt not to leave the chapter hanging on a cliffhanger.

I'm sorry, I'm down right now... I usually don't go on about arcs with such critism, and what with the last big arc still leaving its mark in OP, its going to be a while before we see things advance at pace up to that sort of level.

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