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I haven't really commented on the new loks and powers of the SHs.

And reason why is I feel so "meh" about them. Some arer "over the top" and too much. Some are trying too hard not to be bland. I actually preferred the pre-time skip. I had given time for me to get used to them.

Plus I felt he time skip was uneeded.

It was a little too easy for the crew to reasemble as a crew as well.

  • Chopper gained control of the Monster point, which I saw coming, but Kung Fu point and the really bad remodelling on points like "horn point" do't impress. I always found choppy annoying... Now I hate him.
  • Broook's improvements do, however, now make him more flixable and unique on the crew, but the trouble was Perona did some of the ghost-like ones previously so it feels a little repetitive.
  • Franky feels the same overall...
  • Ditto with Robin, plus the clone thing some saw coming.
  • Nami's weapon is back to being relatively look good (the dials version looked funny). For some reason Nami's appearance brings up a mental image of Poison from Capcom's cast of characters.... which is not a good thing because Poison's a Newhalf (we know what that means right?). O.o
  • Luffy's just gotten overall scruffier looking.
  • Zoro went fro serious but fun to just serious most of the time with hardly any fun.
  • Sanji is a joke from start to finish.

I sort of miss the old looks nowadays.