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Ah... Update toe the Vocaloid4 software, won't be a around for a day or two.I haven't had anything to say the last few days... Does my absence notice? Unlikely. Though in truth I was editing another wikia yet again (Alter/ego wikia, another vocal synth).

Long story short, I have to update the wikia on a function called "Cross-synthesis" (don't ask). This results in doing maths... Lots of it... I hate maths... And to top it off... I just noticed there are two ategories missing on EVERY Vocaloid page. Basically they haven't been assigning pages to engine version nor Vocaloid, some like Hatsune Miku have have about a dozen pages and not 1 have the category "Hatsune Miku".


Saying that... This wikia was once like that, I think at least. >_<

Who knows? Who cares? All I know is this will take a day or two due to MATHS to get over. I haven't even started the X tables I have to do and I have a headache.

Edit: Okay let me summerize for those lucky devils here what a update to Vocaloid is like... Imagine 4 chapters of a One Piece manga released at once - Go, imagine, feel the pain of all that editing.

We get NOTHING for several months, then when a update occurs boom! Lots of minor, fiddly and major editing done. >_<